The SideEye Story

One day, Zach Burton was sitting in a canoe on the lake of the bamboo farm he grew up on in Morrow, Ohio. As he surrendered to the peacefulness of his natural setting, an eagle flew overhead, and he  thought about what it must look like from a bird's eye view. Then he thought of the fish he was trying to catch... Which made him wonder why camo is always a digital pattern, rather than something an animal would actually see...

SideEye founder Zach Burton

What started as curiosity led Zach on a journey to create camouflage designs that authentically replicate a fish-eye-view. After countless hours of experiments, research, market tests, prototypes, and mockups, the patent was finally secured.

For the past 4 years Zach’s passion has grown into a calling. SideEye is about more than helping people catch fish. It’s about people connecting back to nature to remember that we are all a part of this beautiful universe. In a world where so much aims to divide us, SideEye aims to unite us. Along the path, Zach acquired a team that shares the calling to invite the world back to nature, and we believe there are many more who are meant to join us on this mission.

SideEye team